Power of Nutrition: Maximising Resources for Nutrition

How might innovative finance catalyse hundreds of millions into the global nutrition sector?

The authors say:

Good nutrition is a critical area of international development, we will not achieve the Global Goals without it, yet it is often overlooked and chronically underfunded. Innovative finance has clear potential to change this – catalysing unprecedented levels of private capital into the sector as it has done for education and climate.

However, there is currently no single institution driving this change. The Power of Nutrition has partnered with Palladium to explore these opportunities. Through this summary document, we share our key findings with our ambition being that others in the nutrition sector come together to unlock the huge potential of innovative finance for nutrition.

The prize is huge: hundreds of millions, possibly billions of dollars of new money for global nutrition. Failing to capitalise on this opportunity would be a tragedy: the global nutrition sector mirroring in innovative financing the orphan status it has had for 40 years in traditional grant aid.