Closing the Gender Nutrition Gap

The Action Agenda was co-created with, and supported by a coalition of partners, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The authors say:

The Action Agenda provides: 
• Eight ‘uplifted’ action domains to bridge gaps across sectors.
• Ten principles to guide all actions.
• Four action areas; each with a framework of policy and program recommendations.

Closing the Gender Nutrition Gap: An Action Agenda for Women and Girls unites stakeholders around a set of concrete actions that aim to improve women’s and girls’ nutrition while advancing maternal, newborn, and child health and gender equality. The Action Agenda is a resource for advocates, policymakers, and decision-makers across sectors to guide actions for women’s and girls’ nutrition at multiple levels.

Our collective action will accelerate progress toward interdependent and shared goals across the nutrition, maternal, newborn, and child health and gender equality and women’s empowerment communities — namely saving lives, improving birth outcomes and overall health, increasing human capital and economic productivity, and building personal and collective resilience.