UAMH Newsletter Issue #1, May 2024
Welcome to UAMH's first newsletter. It has been an eventful year since we launched in March 2023, to highlight the global malnutrition crisis and press politicians of all parties to take action to end it.

This newsletter covers our activities from October 2023 when we supported the launch of a five-year action plan to tackle global hunger, Hunger to Health, and takes us up to Lords questions to the Foreign Secretary in April 2024.

We begin with a message from our CEO Jonny Oates, explaining why combatting global malnutrition must be a key international priority for the UK.

Next, we give readers a rundown of recent highlights and events, including a UAMH-hosted reception in Parliament, a cross-party delegation to Kenya, new British opinion research, and an event at the University of Sheffield showcasing British innovation to solve the global food crisis.

UAMH is an alliance, and our Global Leadership Council (GLC) includes leaders with scientific, business, finance, military, diplomatic, philanthropic, and civil society backgrounds. Each newsletter will provide an insight into a member’s personal journey towards activism against malnutrition. In this first issue, we profile obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Mairo Mandara and welcome award-winning food poverty campaigner Christina Adane.

Speakers at our launch 14 months ago included the President of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband and former Prime Minster, and current Foreign Secretary David Cameron, displaying cross-party engagement on the issue. Since then, nutrition has gained prominence in Parliament, thanks to a group of members committed to raising it.

In news and views from Parliament we detail recent debates and questions in which malnutrition was mentioned, news from the APPG on Nutrition for Development, and the International Development Committee Inquiry on SDG 2 - Zero Hunger to which Dr Mandara provided expert evidence. We hope Parliamentary candidates will commit to championing nutrition in their circles of influence inside and outside Parliament by signing our Nutrition Champion’s Pledge. Find it on page 7.

Malnutrition and hunger are linked to the world’s most pressing problems and solutions to them. This is evident in the outputs from partners and other leading organisations advocating against global malnutrition, listed in this newsletter for your convenience.

As Jonny Oates says in his foreword, access to good nutrition is foundational to the development of societies. Yet despite previous remarkable success, progress alleviating global hunger has gone into reverse.

Malnutrition, which is entirely preventable, is the biggest killer of children under five.

This shocking fact is what drives our alliance on, as Jonny explains: “The imperative to end unnecessary suffering, the knowledge that it is possible, and the conviction that a hungry world will never be a safe or stable world.”

We do hope you will join us in this endeavour.

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