The Pathway to Healthy Air in the UK
Our new report shows that, if the government is successful in implementing planned environmental, transport and clean air policies, levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) could fall within the recommended interim guideline (WHO-10) from the World Health Organization across the vast majority of the UK by 2030.

United Against Malnutrition and Hunger is delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Bishop and Baroness Liz Sugg as Co-Chairs of its Board. Simon Bishop is the Chief Executive of the Power of Nutrition and Chair of the Coalition for Global Prosperity. Baroness Sugg is a former Development Minister and current Chair of Malaria No More. Jonny Oates, former Chief of Staff to Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, will take on the role of Chief Executive of the new organisation.

Baroness Sugg said:

“This is a critical moment for the world with hundreds of millions facing the prospect of malnutrition and hunger. Britain needs to be at the heart of global efforts to address the crisis not just because it’s a moral imperative but because the prosperity and stability of countries around the world matters to our security and prosperity too. United Against Malnutrition and Hunger is here to make that case and to bring new voices to this urgent debate.’’