Award-winning food poverty campaigner Christina Adane joins UAMH GLC
We are pleased to announce that inspiring youth campaigner Christina Adane is joining United Against Malnutrition & Hunger’s Global Leadership Council.

Christina is a passionate advocate of the universal human right to good nutrition. At the age of 17, knowing children were going hungry in the holidays, she launched a campaign asking the Government to feed children eligible for school meals out of term time. Her petition gained more than 450,000 signatures, was taken on by the footballer Marcus Rashford, and triggered a change in Government policy in 2020 benefitting more than a million children.

That year Christina was one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2020, billed “as the hundred most inspiring and influential women in the world”. In 2021, she was a recipient of the Diana Legacy award and a guest on the Prince and Princess of Wales’s podcast.

Christina’s dedication to fighting the injustice of food poverty has continued. Last month she was a speaker on the panel at the launch event in Parliament of Hunger to Health, a five-year UK action plan supported by UAMH to turn the tide on global malnutrition and hunger.

On joining the Global Leadership Council Christina said: “It is heartbreaking that in 2023 malnutrition is the biggest killer of children under the age of five, 345 million people don’t have enough to eat, and that progress to stop this outrage has stalled.

“I am committed to adding my voice to this cause and hope to mobilise more young people to act against this injustice too. Malnutrition is preventable. So of course, the UK should do all it can to stop it. I know policymakers listen when young people speak with passion and right on their side.”

Jonny Oates, CEO of United Against Malnutrition & Hunger said. “We are delighted Christina is joining us. She is an impressive campaigner who has already made a huge contribution towards better nutrition. Her experience and expertise will bring invaluable insight to the Alliance as we all collaborate to make the case for renewed UK action to stop malnutrition and hunger across the globe.”

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